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Our Multi-Modality Professional Coach Certification

It’s coaching, evolved.

The ultimate certification

for coaches, leaders, healers ready to usher in a new era of masterful, innovative coaching

A 12-month certification program

for coaches, managers, leaders, and healers ready to embody a new generation of masterful coaching + leadership.

Blending healing, spiritual,

and cognitive modalities to help YOU become a masterful coach, and usher in a new paradigm of life-changing leadership. It’s coaching, evolved.


A 12-month, immersive coaching certification experience

Apply now to join us for the [DATE] rounds.

You strive to be, or are ready to become,
a masterful, life-changing coach.

You feel deeply fulfilled helping others, love honing your skills, and know coaching is an essential part of your calling.

However… right now,
you might feel like something’s missing.

  • Maybe you’ve done foundational coaching training, but still experience moments in your sessions that you’re under-prepared for.
  • Maybe you want to become a coach, and know those skills are in ever-increasing demand (by corporations and companies, as well as individuals), but you have no interest in rushing the process, and want to become truly masterful at transformation.
  • Maybe you don’t feel connected to the dry, out-of-date “cognitive” coaching frameworks, and want to develop your own approach that feels more holistic -- integrating the body, spirit, and mind
  • Maybe you know you’re meant to serve people, and change the world in some way -- but you truly feel the weight of that calling, and want to develop the skills to create permanent, powerful change in people’s lives first.
  • Maybe you want training to develop TOTAL CONFIDENCE in your coaching abilities, so you can boldly put  yourself out there, charge top dollar, and grow your coaching business.
We’re the creators of

Coaching: Evolved

And we’re here to be that missing piece.

We are trailblazing a new paradigm of personal development through our holistic, multi-modality coaching model -- based on embodiment as the foundation of transformation.

Ready to learn what that means for you? Read on…

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What makes Coaching: EVOLVED different from anything else out there?

After a combined ~25 years as coaches (and, in Lorraine’s case, a Master Coach) ourselves working with clients all over the world, we noticed a huge problem in the industry:

The majority of coaching models are dry, outdated, and focus solely on the mind and cognitive conditioning -- which you may notice (if you’re a coach yourself) is incredibly limiting. Transformation is, and always has been, multi-faceted. And so, our skills as coaches must be too.

So we set out to create an approach unlike anything else out there - an approach that combines the mind with the body, body, spirit, emotions, and energy in transformational coaching experiences.

Inside our highly interactive and experiential Coaching: Evolved certification program, taught live by instructors who are successful, practicing coaches (not simply teaching coaching), we’re here to guide and mentor you to embody what you’re learning, and learn to apply it in real time.

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We are also accredited to be able to offer you the opportunity to receive your

Certified Professional Coach credential with the International Coach Federation (ICF)

the industry’s gold standard for training.

This is an accredited program meaning that upon completion you will be able to apply for your Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) -- the industry’s gold standard for coach training.

What you’ll experience during your 12 months inside

Coaching: Evolved

A multi-modality approach to coaching (you’ll learn traditional frameworks, as well as breathwork, NLP, energy work, and more.)

Experience with real, paying client sooner with our 100 client coaching hours + “Earn While You Learn” policy

The power of our Transformational Embodiment method to not simply change the way you coach -- but change the way  you work, live, and embody your potential

Bi-weekly calls with Master Coach teachers + mentors who’ll offer direct feedback on your sessions, and guide you through every step of your journey

The gold standard of coaching certifications, with our ICF accredited curriculum.


Imagine, for a moment

  • Mastering the art of coaching, and feeling confident that, no matter what happens - you can handle whatever comes up in your client coaching sessions (and life).
  • Having an unmatchable set of skills for activating, clearing, anchoring, and centering  your clients (like breathwork, energy work, NLP, and more) so you can guide them through their obstacles, help them reach their goals, and change their life.
  • Knowing exactly how to stay calm when things get intense in your practice -- tears, fear, triggering, and more -- and guide your client to the best results.
  • Receiving your certification in an accredited, multi-modality coaching discipline, with 100 hours of fully-mentored coaching under your belt (including training to find and select the best clients, and more) so you can confidently move forward to build your coaching business

This is the future we want to help you embody.

This is the next era of coaching mastery we’ll be creating - together.

Ready to Evolve?

Apply now to join us for the [DATE] rounds.

Transformational Embodiment = The Ethos of Coaching EVOLVED

The Transformational Embodiment Method is "the process of transforming any area of your life through the expressed beingness (in the present) of that which you desire.” In other words, the being precedes the doing. The being inspires the doing.

This methodology integrates being and doing, feeling and thinking, heart and mind, subjective and objective, feminine and masculine.

This is how we create lasting transformation instead of temporary changes in our state and the way we do things.  

And more than changing lives with your embodied skills? It’s how you come home to your truest essence, and fullest potential.

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Your Trainers and Mentors

Institute for Transformational Embodiment Graphics_Natalie Mac

Meet Natalie MacNeil

Founder of The Embodiment Institute & Multi-Modality Trainer

You may know me as an Emmy award-winning media entrepreneur, 4X bestselling author, and go-to coach to thousands of soul-centred entrepreneurs.

I’ve been named “Transformer of Our Generation” by Levo, described as “The Ultimate Self-Starting Business Woman” by Elle Magazine, and featured on Inc’s list of “27 Women Changing the World.”

The clients I’m honored to serve have called me a “Destiny Doula” and a “Hope Holder.”

But this isn’t a brag about my resume. Today, I’m stepping forward as your grateful and devoted guide.

After over 10 years of training in modalities like NLP, EFT, breathwork, meditation, and more, I’ve developed a specific, holistic coaching process I use with my 6 & 7-figure business coaching clients, on my retreats, and beyond. It’s been my heart’s dream (and the request of many, many of my clients) to develop a coaching certification around what I’ve created and learned — and now, that dream is coming to life.

Like you, I care deeply about mastery. I don't do quick, fast, easy approaches to things (especially not a become-a-coach-in-a-week virtual course!). So Lorraine and I took great care to develop a program ofo the highest possible calibre, officially accredited by ICF… and we’re so honored to share what we’ve created with you.

And I hope you’ll join us.

Meet Lorraine Hamilton

Program Director + Lead Facilitator

A former-engineer-turned-Master-Coach, Lorraine is on a mission to educate prospective coach students so that they can enter their new, rewarding career with their eyes wide open.

Lorraine’s coaching career is long and varied; experiencing success in the life, health, business and corporate coaching arenas. That well-rounded experience, coupled with the track record of learning and implementing what it really takes to build a successful coaching practice have equipped her to be able to share her skills and knowledge with her students.

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With an array of modalities to choose from, Lorraine is uniquely placed to assist you in your goal of becoming a masterful coach. She is a multi-award winner, receiving recognition for both her entrepreneurial skills as well as her development of outstanding company culture, using her core foundational coaching skills.

She is the author of 3 books, Creator of the S.W.I.T.C.H. Coaching System and has been featured in countless media outlets including Coaching Life and Inspired COACH Magazines.
Lorraine began teaching coaches after becoming heartbroken and angry after talking with many newly qualified coaches who had spent their savings on training that did not deliver the confidence and skills required to make a living from coaching. Inside Coaching: EVOLVED, she’s poised to continue her journey to change all that, and more.

Who is Coaching: EVOLVED designed for?

  • Coaches ready to level up their skill set, and develop their own incredible, completely unique holistic approach to their craft
  • Soon-to-be coaches looking to begin their coaching journey, and/or add this certification to their current expertise
  • Healers looking to add coaching modalities into their current toolkit, and continue to help their clients transform permanently
  • Leaders and managers who want to lead by inspiring and transforming lives -- instead of forcing people into structures where they don’t thrive in
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What will you walk away with after

your deep 12-month immersion?

Total confidence in your mastery of your coaching abilities, and the unique multi-modality approach and framework you’ve developed

Experience working with paying clients via our “Learn While You Earn” approach, and fearlessly charge more for your coaching services, because you’ve seen and lived the power of your coaching — with your certification clients, and in your own life

A sense of being centered in your knowledge that you are now equipped with the skills and tools to handle any situation that comes up, and create genuine, permanent transformation for your clients and yourself

New skills and modalities in your coaching toolkit, like breathwork, NLP, energy work, and so much more.

Joining the Coaching: EVOLVED directory, as well as future opportunities to work alongside your teachers

Official certification as a professional coach, with at least 60 hours of coaching (much of that paid) under your belt, which opens you for new opportunities in new industries like tech, executive coaching, and more.

A supercharged mindset, elevated energy and deep personal transformation within the program. Yes, there will be career opportunities -- but more than that? You’ll be prepared to lead in this new paradigm, you’ll have your own life completely transformed, it’ll make a difference in your health, weath, everyone around you because you’re showing up in a totally different way

Your Coaching: Evolved certification, Transformational Embodiment Levels 1 + 2 Certification, Breathwork for Coaches, EFT for Coaches, and NLP for Coaches certifications, and the opportunity to complete your credential with ICF.

How You’ll Learn + What’s Included in the Coaching: EVOLVED curriculum.

The Learning Process: Mentored Coaching Hours + “Learn While You Earn"

Lorraine and I firmly believe information without embodiment is useless. So you’ll be working in the field frequently.

Inside Coaching: EVOLVED, as part of your training you’ll be working directly with clients (many of them paid) to apply what you learn and develop your skills in real time.

You’ll also work closely with small pods of fellow Coaching: Evolved students to coach each other, get direct feedback and mentorship from Master Coaches, and more.

Yes, you will be stretched, and pushed past your edges. But this will help you develop an even greater connection to your power as a coach -- and experience incredible breakthroughs, life-changing insights you can then bring to every client, and (of course) elevate into your next level of leadership and transformation.

About The Intensives:


About you Pre-Work to Begin Your Evolved Journey


REVEAL - Activate Your Potential and Create your Future

Reveal is an 8-week transformational program for coaches, hosted by Natalie MacNeil (me!)

Using my signature Transformational Embodiment Method, we’ll get to the heart of what you want most, why you want what you want, and who you want to become. We’ll also dive into all that holds you back from the highest vision you hold for your life, and equip you with all the tools to shift your reality into alignment with your vision -- so you can step into this next phase of your coaching journey with total clarity and confidence.

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COACHING SKILLS DIPLOMA - Training for Leaders & Consultants

The Coaching Skills Diploma was designed specifically for leaders and consultants who want to know the secret of coaching without having to become a fulltime coach -- which makes it the perfect starting point to teach YOU the basics of coaching before Coaching: EVOLVED begins. And even more than that? In 6 weeks you can be seeing the difference in your client and team outcomes, and your own life -- before your certification even starts.




INTENSIVE - Laying the Foundations

Over the course of 2 virtual days we will kick things off with 3 modules of training to set your coaching up for success.



Values & Beliefs

Over two live training sessions this months we will explore the difference between Values and Beliefs and why they are important.

You will also learn how to elicit values from your clients in a powerful and effective way.



Communication in Coaching

This month is all about Communication.

With two live trainings addressing the fundamentals and some advanced communication methods to enhance your client’s coaching experience exponentially.



Energy Bodies Intro

Day One of this virtual Intensive is an opportunity to solidify the previous quarter’s learning as well as observe some coaching demos.

Day Two is your Introduction to Energy Bodies.

In April you will also receive a live training on goal setting for you and your clients.



Working with Clients

Over 3 live training sessions this month you will learn how to Select the Right Clients to work with, Getting Ready to Coach, Coaching Models and Going Deeper with Values.



Breathwork & Meditation

Two live trainings this month on Breathwork and Meditation.




July is our month to take a break or catch up on any activities.

It’s also a great time to solidify your learning with some practice coaching sessions




We’re back with a bang with our two day virtual NLP Intensive.

In August you will also complete your EFT Theory Module.



Adding To Your Skillset

In September you will further bolster your Coaching Toolkit with your Transformation Embodiment Module and also Cognitive Behaviour Coaching ensuring that you have the right tools



Solutions Focused Coaching

This powerful technique is perfect for clients who are struggling deeply. It is a kind and encouraging coaching approach truly different from most other



Embodiment Feedback and Assessment

About Our ICF Accreditation

This is coaching, evolved. We train those who want to be prepared to lead the future of the coaching industry. Our holistic, multi-modality coaching model empowers our coaches to confidently co-create lasting transformation with their clients in any area of their lives, business, and relationships.

Upon completion of this program, our students will graduate as a Certified Professional Coach.

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Ready to transform lives and create a new paradigm on this planet?
Apply to join us,

and become a coach

- and we’ll see you on the other side.
A final word from our founder,

Natalie MacNeil

If you’ve read this far, then the chances are this is exactly where you need to be.

You’re a seeker, an explorer, and a trailblazer. 

You’re not content walking the beaten path laid out by society for you –– it’s never resonated.

And you feel like you’ve never quite “fit” in this world.

Want to know why?

Because, deep down, you know you’re here to help usher in a new one.

So if, right now, you know you’re hiding the fullness of who you truly are...

And you’re ready to feel into your power and live your life with greater purpose...

It would be my honor to support you in connecting to your truest essence and unleashing your fullest potential.