Create Your Future

Free workshop to activate your potential

Hosted by Natalie MacNeil, an Emmy Award-winning media maven, bestselling author, and mentor to thousands of soul-centered women leaders and entrepreneurs.

Join me LIVE for a 2-hour journey on January 16th at 2 pm PST/5 pm EST. You will:

Envision 2020 and invite in this next decade

This goes deeper than goal setting. You will connect with your future self to get crystal clear on what you are here to express, create, and call into being. Be ready to unlock new parts of yourself that are needed for the next stage of your journey.

Be guided through a meditation + hypnosis to create your future now.

Breathe out the past and what no longer serves you. Draw in the essences of what does. You will leave the workshop feeling lighter, activated for 2020, and more powerful and on-purpose than ever.

Discover my life-changing Transformational Embodiment Method™

It takes more than mindset, strategy or motivation to birth bold goals and manifest your big visions. In the workshop, you will learn a practice you can use to transform any area of your life and business to create your future NOW.

And the journey begins as soon as you sign up with instant access to two bonuses!

You'll get to download my Futuring Ritual guided audio practice, and you'll also get my 2020 Vision PDF to connect with your deepest desires and embody them now. Bring this to the workshop to dive even deeper through powerful practices, aligned action, and live coaching.

(Please note: You will get a recording in case you can't be there live but the most powerful transformations happen when you're there live.)


This workshop was life-changing!

Jen Yocum, Acupuncturist and founder of Willow & Oak Wellness Center

In case we haven’t met, hello there, Dear One. I'm Natalie. Let me share a little more about why you might want to join me on this journey...

I started this past decade with dreams that felt pretty far from my circumstances. I was living in a tiny apartment in a small city in Canada. I had recently graduated from university, and made the decision to follow the calling on my heart and embark on building my own business instead of working for someone else. I faced a lot of challenges on my path, from making less than $20,000 my first year in business and trying to grow with that (and also pay my personal bills) to the naysayers who didn't believe in the vision I could see. There were many moments I contemplated giving up, but every time I questioned whether I had what it would take to create the future of my dreams, I felt a "YES" in every cell of my being. I just knew I was made for more, and knew there was a purpose I was here for.

I learned to face off with my fears and the challenges that arose. I integrated each one within me so they expanded my capacity instead of shrinking me, and they revealed to me who I really am and what I’m here to do. Over the decade I went from making $20,000 a year to over a million a year doing work I love. I travelled to 100 countries. I won an Emmy for my company co-producing one of the world's first 360 degree films. I moved to a dreamy home in Los Angeles. I am in love with a powerful partner, and have the most amazing people around me. Through my company, hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone toward important causes and making a difference in the world because impact is a core value for me in everything I do.

I feel so deeply fulfilled in my life, and it's even beyond what I had envisioned. I am excited about the new decade upon us, and I have never felt more ready than now. I feel it in my bones now that everything I need for the journey ahead is within me. Everything you need is within you, too.

Ready to create the future of your dreams with me in this free workshop?


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