The Story of How Plant Medicine Changed My Life

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It doesn’t feel right for me to talk about self-discovery and transformation without talking about the role plant medicine has played in my personal journey. When I say ‘plant medicine’ I am referring mostly to entheogenic plants that are often psychedelic, but also plants like Cacao and Kanna that are not.

When I started hearing more and more about plant medicine ceremonies and psychedelics in my circles 4-5 years ago, I was pretty resistant. From women in my yoga class to business colleagues to my dear friend’s mom, it felt like everyone around me had a life-altering story to share about plant medicine.

I declined invitations to ceremonies I received because I felt like my breathwork, kundalini, and yoga practices took me deep and sometimes felt psychedelic. 

Then, one day I felt an undeniable, full-body “yes” to a ceremony, and decided to do it even though I felt pretty nervous about it. 

I never saw the world the same way again, and that’s what I am diving into in this next episode of the Reveal Podcast.

Here’s some of what we cover:

1:25 – My personal journey with plant medicine, how it transformed my life, and brought Yossef and I together

2:44 – Listening to your intuition and body to tap your inner wisdom 

3:51 – How psychedelics can expand the human experience 

15:10 – Plant medicine as an opportunity for deep healing, and to see who you really are

I want to make something crystal clear: We are all walking our own paths. I’m here to honor my path and share it authentically with you. My path may be different than yours, and what’s most important is that we all make our own conscious decisions. I honor your path too.

A deep bow and heart full of gratitude,Natalie

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