How to Find the Gifts in Your Pain to Reveal the Truest You

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I’ve been exploring pain this year. Sitting with it, tapping into it, and coming into conscious relationship with it so pain doesn’t control my reactions, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.

There are many different situations that can trigger hurt, open emotional wounds, and touch on all that stuff that’s buried in the dark basement of our psyches. Learning to process those triggers and clear layers of pain that have formed from past experiences is a big opportunity to reveal our fullest selves to the world and live from our potential.

In today’s podcast episode of Reveal, I’m sharing my experience of pain, and the tools that support me in developing strength, resilience, worthiness, and self-love. 

Podcast Highlights 

1:36 – How I’m moving through a cycle of pain I’ve been experiencing 

7:57 – How the pain of past relationships can affect our current relationships 

11:22 – The visualisation of pain 

20:55 – Healing and setting yourself free 

27:01 – Tools and rituals for healing past pain 

33:01 – Developing inner strength and resilience 

You are stronger than you may believe yourself to be. You are more powerful than your mind can even comprehend. We need your fullest expression. We need you in your wholeness. That’s how we’re going to change the world together.

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