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Hello dear one, I’m Natalie MacNeil, and I was once where you are right now.

I wanted to create a business and a life I love. I wanted to do work that elevates people's lives. I wanted to be able to do that work from anywhere, whether that be at home on the couch with a cup of tea or off on an adventure in another country. I wanted financial freedom and to feel wildly abundant. That's the business and life I have today.

Elle Magazine calls me “the ultimate self-starting businesswoman.” I am an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur; author of the popular, bestselling books The Conquer Kit: A Creative Business Planning Workbook and Conquer Your Year, the ultimate weekly planner for entrepreneurs; a globetrotter who has been to over 100 countries; and a coach to thousands of soul-centered entrepreneurs committed to doing work that transforms people's lives. My expertise has also been featured in the glossy print & digital pages of Glamour, Elle, Inc., Forbes, ForbesWomanWall Street Journal, and CNN.

This didn't happen overnight but there were definitely some "smartcuts" that made it possible faster, including Marie Forleo's B-School.

Natalie MacNeil

The 8-week B-School program for modern entrepreneurs changed the game for me, and I want to invite you to consider joining the class of 2020. All the details about B-School can be found here on the official enrollment page. (Link will open in a new tab.)

When you enroll in B-School through me, you'll receive a free bonus I designed for creators, coaches, healers, changemakers, visionaries, and entrepreneurs who are working in the field of transformation, and using their businesses to change people's lives. This special bonus includes free access to my new signature program and certification, Reveal, where you will become the embodiment of the highest vision you hold for your life and your business. You'll learn more below, and if you have any questions, email me at and we can talk about the B-School + Reveal experience.

Why do I believe soul-centered entrepreneurs should join me in B-School?

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    A Proven Curriculum That Has Built Thousands of Businesses

    B-School launched a decade ago, and there are upgrades made every year. No online business program has made the impact B-School has. The curriculum has changed thousands of lives, including mine. The modules include: Map Your World-Changing Plan, Create a Website That Converts, Design a Winning Communication Strategy, Increase Traffic and Grow Your List, Create Raving Fan Customers With Outstanding Offers, and Master Timeless Marketing That Works Across Every Industry. Plus, Marie offers advanced bonus training modules on everything from PR, DIY Tech Training, Social Media, Productivity, How to Get Outstanding Testimonials, Behind The Scenes of the B-School Launch, and more. You'll have everything you need to grow your soul-centered business.

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    Live Office Hours and Mentorship

    You'll get Office Hours with one of the most successful women in this industry, who has turned her multiple passions and talents into a globe-spanning, multi-million dollar empire. There are also Mentor Coaches that offer calls, answer questions, and support B-Schoolers in implementing what they are learning. Every student is supported every step of the way.

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    A thriving, close-knit community of impact-driven women entrepreneurs

    You can turn to the global B-School community for assistance, emotional support, and tools during B-School and beyond. There are thousands of members from around the world, and we would love to welcome you into this community too. Your entrepreneurial journey will never feel lonely again.

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    Lifetime access

    You get access to the full B-School curriculum, bonus trainings, community, and coaching for life. You get to take the program again and again, and it's upgraded every year. Don't wait to get on this path of ascension in your business and life. Start the adventure today, and know it will always be there for you from the moment you join.

    There's nothing quite like B-School, and I know it will change your life. It changed mine, and changed the lives of so many of my peers who have built businesses around their soul's work. If you join and realize it's not for you, there is a 100% money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose by giving B-School a chance to show you what's possible.

Don't just take my word for it. I’ve mentored hundreds of B-School grads over the last decade through my unique bonus offer.

Here’s what a few of them achieved:


Tripled her revenue, and systemized her business so it runs smoothly (also started meditating!)



Stepped outside of her comfort zone to speak at workshops, create webinars, and run her first online course.



Launched her website, ran 4 successful workshops in her community, and enrolled a few new 1:1 clients in her program.



Expanded her business, launched and completed her first official online Course in Self Healing with 54 participants, ran 2 sold-out retreats.



Received a consulting contract that helped her break through her $50K revenue goal within a few months, got featured in Forbes as a Fierce Female Entrepreneur, had the show she produces picked up for the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada (OMG).




Completely shifted her business with a small change to her opt-in offer, thanks to insight from Natalie.



Doubled her income (and had the best month ever in her business shortly after).



Tripled her profits.


What They’ve Done

When you join B-School through me, you'll also receive some amazing free bonuses! The heart of my bonus offer this year is REVEAL, my transformational program for women ready to claim their power and create wildly abundant, purpose-driven lives and businesses. ($1500 value)


Let’s take a peek at Reveal, which you'll get to take in June after staying focused on B-School during the 8 weeks of the program:


Discover Transformational Embodiment

Step into my signature methodology of Transformational Embodiment™. Discover all the answers you’ve been seeking outside of yourself, within.

Inside this module, you will:

  • Begin to use the Transformational Embodiment Methodology™ to transform any aspect of your life and business you desire
  • Learn why focusing on JUST mindset, which so many leaders and programs tout as "everything," actually stops you from being in your fullest potential and capacity, and experiencing deeper fulfillment in every area of your life
  • Discover the five energy bodies, and how to work with and master each one to create what you desire most
  • Start using a Stream of Consciousness practice, and Reveal's Core Questions for Contemplation, to activate your deepest power as an entrepreneur, coach, creator, healer, teacher, or visionary

Deepen Your Awareness of the Self

To transform your life and your business, you must first know yourself. With a combination of practices, modalities, personality and strengths tests, and other tools, you’ll begin to deepen your own self-awareness and explore parts of you you didn’t even know existed.

Inside this module, you will:

  • Learn my favorite tools and modalities, including the Theater of Self-Discovery practice, to be able to identify the core patterns and limiting beliefs that hold you back in your life, your business, and your relationships
  • Witness your own behaviors, patterns, and beliefs so you can take steps toward self-mastery, and determine which areas of your life and business you want to transform first
  • Deepen your understanding of what it is that you truly desire, and use this wisdom to align yourself and your business with those desires

Transform Your Life and Business

After getting clear on the patterns and behaviors that are keeping you stuck and no longer serving you, and the science and why behind those patterns, you get to reprogram your reality. You get to start transforming and creating what you so deeply desire, knowing you now have a system to do that with ease and flow. You can't not succeed through Reveal.

Inside this module, you will:

  • Understand the science behind the formation of patterns, habits, and ways of being so you can release them once and for all, and ensure new ones don't form in their place
  • Transform different areas of your life and your business, overhauling your finances, relationships, wellbeing, hobbies and experiences, and anything else that may be part of the future vision you hold
  • Access bonus practices like a voice activation with Xiana-aiti Moirae to express your power and truth, a pleasure meditation to unleash your creativity with Layla Martin, and a movement practice with Aaron Alexander to create more openness in your body to embody your goals and vision

Envision and Soulfully Strategize Your Future

To create the future life you want to have, you must find alignment between everything that matters to you. Remember, everything affects everything else. This can include your business and career, your relationships, your environment, your health, and more. This alignment will be at the heart of designing a personal strategy for your life and business that includes rituals and congruent actions.

Inside this module, you will:

  • Collaborate with your future self to paint a clear vision of who you are, and what your life and business look and feel like, when you attain what you desire
  • Identify the key ingredients, strategies, and aligned actions that would create your dream future
  • Create your own personal strategic framework for expanding into your vision, wrapping up the module with the most aligned, grounded, powerful, feel-good plan you have ever created

Embody Your Future Now

Be your future vision right here and now. The choices you make right now in the present moment are shaping your future. In this module, you will take radical personal responsibility for your life and business and unleash your most powerful, radiant, expressed, aligned, free, abundant Self like never before. You will stand grounded in your power and the essence of who you are, and begin seeing your dream life and business manifesting and unfolding rapidly before your eyes.

Inside this module, you will:

  • Learn the most powerful practice in the Transformational Embodiment Method™, the Essences of Embodiment framework
  • Swap your present reality for your future desired reality with a core hypnosis and NLP technique that rewires and recalibrates your brain and your being to what you want most
  • Embody your vision through an embodied movement and dance practice to work in collaboration with the energy of your deepest desires (absolutely no dance skills are required ;))
  • Fully be your vision, and reflect on all that has shifted and transformed on your Reveal journey so far

Integrate and Expand

In this final module, we’ll bring together everything we’ve explored, and support each other in going even deeper. Integrate and embody all that you’ve received throughout the program, using the core rituals and practices to keep you connected to your inner wisdom. Complete the coursework and any exercises you may have missed before we celebrate at the Reveal graduation this week when you can receive your Level 1 certification in the Transformational Embodiment Method™.

That’s not all...

I have three extra bonuses for you to support you in creating a thriving business as a coach, creator, healer, teacher, or visionary doing work that changes lives:

GIFT ONE ($21 value)

A copy of The Conquer Kit: A Creative Business Planner for Women Entrepreneurs

We’re going to mail you a copy of my bestselling book The Conquer Kit at the beginning of your B-School experience so you can plan your next 12 months in the most gorgeous business planner you have ever laid eyes on. As one reader says, “OMG it’s like having a business coach in a book!” You’ll sketch, scribble, glue, tape, and write all over its journal-style pages, while developing an airtight business plan with proven strategies and systems for success.

The Conquer Kit
Conquer Your Year

gift two ($20 value)

A copy of Conquer Your Year: The Ultimate Planner for Entrepreneurs

Conquer Your Year is a planner designed specifically for achieving goals as an entrepreneur. It’s a strategic blueprint that breaks your boldest goals and dreams down quarter to quarter, week to week, and day to day. With this planner beside you, you’ll be setting and achieving one major mission or goal in your business in 3-month stretches with mind-blowing efficiency. You won’t just be focusing on business building either. This planner is also designed to help you set soul-nourishing goals for your health, happiness, relationships, and experiences.


gift three ($459 value)

SELL YOUR SOUL Virtual Sales Workshop April 23rd

This is a virtual version of my sales training event and will be available as a recording if you can't make it live. 

B-School focuses on marketing your business and building an engaged audience. I want to support you in converting all the leads you'll generate by implementing B-School methods into sales, in a way that feels really good for you and the clients you know you can serve. That's where SELL YOUR SOUL comes in. This virtual event was created specifically for those running transformational businesses —coaches, healers, creators, teachers, speakers, authors, and changemakers.

The event focuses on three areas of sales that have to be mastered in any transformational business: sales calls, sales emails, and in-person sales at both large and small events. I will be sharing sales call scripts that have generated millions in revenue, sales emails from multiple 6 and 7-figure launches of group programs and experiences in the transformational space, and how to present what you do in a way that generates sales without even feeling like you're selling.

This event is interactive and implementation-focused. You'll outline your sales call, map a sales email sequence you can use with the opt-ins you'll create in B-School, and receive live coaching. This workshop has received rave reviews and this is the only way to access it now!

Feeling ready? Let's do this, together.


***Important! When you click the button below, the official B-School registration page will open in a new tab for you to complete your registration. Sign up there and once you’re done, forward your receipt to so we can make sure you receive your bonuses.***


Now allow me to introduce you to some fellow B-School grads I've worked with:

Dear Potential B-Schooler:

Just so you know up front, I’m going to gush.  There really is no other way for me to express my appreciation for signing up for B-School through Natalie MacNeil. When you combine the two for your business, you’ll be amazed by what you accomplish.

So here’s my story…I found Natalie MacNeil about 2 weeks before the B-School cart opened.  I knew I wanted to sign up through an affiliate bonus, but I felt overwhelmed by all of the options.  Each one seemed better than the next, and I couldn’t decide.  I connected with Natalie’s perspective and advice. From the videos, it was clear Natalie understood that female entrepreneurs need practical, actionable advice AND guidance on uplifting their spirit, trusting their intuition, and making decisions with confidence. My decision was clear. Joining B-School through Natalie was one of my earliest and best business decisions.  If you are clear on setting a great foundation for your business, jump into Natalie’s bonus.

NM - Testimonials -12

Toya Gavin

Law Office of Toya Gavin, LLC

I highly recommend working with Natalie MacNeil during any part of your entrepreneurial journey, and especially alongside B-School. 

During the B-School launch, I saw bonuses offered by others, and when I mindfully read through what Natalie created, I felt a rush of energy and was a complete YES!

And it was extremely helpful to connect personally with mentors who have “been there” and know the ins and outs of this online marketing world (which can seem rather overwhelming), and receive feedback and insights into my own personal business, and the choices I was making.

NM - Testimonials -13

Tara Antler

The Self Healing Course

Natalie gave above and beyond what I expected from a mentor (and I have worked with many). I will continue to work with her throughout my journey. 

After completing B-School and working with Natalie through her bonus offer, I have successfully expanded my business, launched and completed my first official online Course in Self Healing with 54 participants, have successfully run 2 retreats that sold out. The momentum I feel is exhilarating and the rush of creativity continues to pour in with grounded clarity. I share my success, excitement and gratitude with YOU so that you may experience massive expansion, success and joy in everything you do, feel and create for the rest of this year.

If you are considering B-School and want to take your experience to the next level, I lovingly suggest working with Natalie!

If you are ready to start getting what you want and rising to your fullest potential, the combination of B-School and working with Natalie could be just what you need.

Natalie is so generous in teaching everything she has learned. A few months after starting to work with her, I received a consulting contract that immediately helped me break through the $50K revenue mark I had set as a goal (woohoo!) and my income has continued to steadily increase. I’ve also had some big wins like being featured in Forbes as a Fierce Female Entrepreneur, and the show I produce being picked up for the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada (OMG).

NM - Testimonials -14

Gwen Elliot

Producer and course creator at Shopify

I found Natalie MacNeil in what I can only describe as a twist of fate.

The night before the cart opened for B-School, I discovered Natalie.  I watched all her videos and knew quickly that I found her for a reason. 

I’ve now created something that is more aligned with what I want for my future. I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and do things I never thought I would such as speaking at workshops, creating webinars and getting ready to create my first online course. This is the best investment I’ve made not only in my business but also in myself.

NM - Testimonials -04



Take a deep breath, and let’s do this together.


***Important! When you click the button below, the official B-School registration page will open in a new tab for you to complete your registration. Sign up by following the instructions on that page and once you’re done, forward your receipt to to let us know you signed up so we can make sure you receive your bonuses. If you have any questions, write to us at***

Disclaimer: As a proud partner of Marie Forleo’s B-School, I earn a referral fee for each person who enrolls in B-School through our link. That’s why we’re able to offer you such an incredible bonus package. We never recommend anything we don’t 100% stand by, and B-School is something we have invested in ourselves. While every effort has been made to accurately represent our program, there is no guarantee that you will earn money when you join B-School. The examples and strategies presented on this website are not a promise or guarantee of earnings. We cannot guarantee your success or income level, and we are not responsible for any of the actions you take during the program. If you have any questions please contact our customer support team at


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