Create Your Future

A free workshop to claim the new decade

Hosted by Natalie MacNeil, an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur, 4x bestselling author, and coach to thousands of women entrepreneurs and leaders.

In the 90 minute workshop we will:

Envision your
next decade

Commune and connect with your future self. Get clear on what it is you’re calling into being. Birth bigger projects and impact than you dared dream before.

Practice potent and powerful breathwork

Breathe out what no longer serves you. Draw in what does. Leave feeling lighter, uplifted, and ready to rock 2020 and beyond.

Identify what you’re ready to be rid of

Release your old, warn-out ways of being. Let go of karmic clutter. Release the resistance keeping you stuck.


You'll get to download my Futuring Ritual guided audio practice when you sign up.

You'll also get my 2020 Vision PDF to connect with your deepest desires and embody them now. Bring this to the workshop to dive even deeper through powerful practices, aligned action, and live coaching.

Let me be your Letting-Go and Envisioning Guide.
I’ve walked the path before you.

I let go of my hometown in Canada, uprooting myself and moving to Los Angeles with only a yoga mat and a suitcase.

I let go of a ten year relationship when I moved, and now find myself absolutely in love with a powerful partner who sees me, travels with me, and shares some of the most sacred devotional practices with me.

I let go of the business I worked within for a decade, She Take on the World, and rebranded at this website where you find yourself right now, Dear One, underneath my own name.

And I’m here, standing on the other side of all this release having received SO MUCH more than I could’ve dreamed possible. I find myself in a gorgeously and thoroughly adorned home in sunny California, my business and relationships are bustling and thriving beyond my wildest dreams, I feel deeply and fully supported in the most delectable ways ever, and still I know somehow this is only the beginning.

Will you take my hand and embark on your own transformative path now, Dear One?


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