The Story of My Romantic Relationship and How It Changed My Life

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While I’ve coached people on everything from growing a business to creating wealth to activating your truest self, there’s one thing many hold as their deepest desire and value more than any kind of material success…

Epic, soul-fulfilling, expansive love. A romantic partnership that elevates every other part of life.

It’s something I desired for a long time too, and for the last 19 months I’ve been in the healthiest, most connected, most spiritually aligned relationship I’ve ever been in. 

My relationship with Yossef, who you’ve met on the Reveal podcast if you’ve been listening to season one, has allowed me to see what was holding me back and reveal more of my power, my expression, my highest purpose, my wisdom. 

And this is what I’m diving into on the podcast today! It’s the last episode of season one.

I didn’t end up in this relationship by accident. I went on quite a journey to get here, including a LOT of dates, my team screening said dates (I know, I know ????), and using my dating life as a personal growth opportunity that actually led to being a better entrepreneur, friend, and eventually, a better partner in this amazing relationship I’m now in.

I share way more about it in my latest episode of Reveal, and I’m joined by Yossef for his side of the story too. Even if you’re not in a relationship or calling in a relationship, I know you’ll discover something new about yourself in this episode.

Here are the highlights

5:04 – The story of how we met 

14:14 – Our first impressions of each other 

18:24 – The moment I came right out and asked Yossef to be my tantric partner 

26:26 – The beginning part of our relationship and how we managed going long distance 

39:04 – My favorite relationship-building resources and tools 

44:32 – How to use your partner as a mirror for your healing, growth and evolution

52:44 – Choosing your partner

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