Has 2020 been… not quite what you expected?

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Join me June 14th to 16th for a FREE 3-day virtual retreat experience with powerful practices and live coaching.

While we’ve all had different experiences depending on where we live and our circumstances, I think we can agree that collectively we’ve been on quite a roller coaster these last couple months. 

Like many, you’ve probably felt aaall the feels, from deep grief over the pandemic to bittersweet relief having an opportunity to slow down, and everything in between. Let’s not even get started on productivity… I invite you to let go of anything you think you “should have” or “shouldn’t have” done in quarantine. You’ve been navigating an unprecedented-in-our-lifetimes global pandemic; give yourself a break, okay? You’re doing great.

And now, are you ready for a reset?

During The Reset, we’ll gather for 90 minutes each day as you experience the life-changing FEEL > HEAL > REVEAL framework from my signature Transformational Embodiment coaching methodology. Here’s how we’ll flow:

Day One: FEEL

I’ll guide you through a Stream of Consciousness practice that will allow you to fully express everything you’ve been feeling, and tap into any subconscious patterns that hold you back from living into your potential.

From there, I’ll lead you through Embodiment Breathwork. So many of my clients and students in my program say this changed everything for them! Breathe out what no longer serves you, and draw in the essences of what does. You will leave this first session feeling lighter, activated for what’s ahead, and more powerful and on-purpose than ever.

Day two: HEAL

I’ll support you to reprogram your mindset, and embody confidence, abundance, and joy. You’ll experience MediTapping (a blend of meditation and EFT tapping), hypnosis, and other tools from more than a decade of being a professional coach. 

I will do laser coaching with those live on the session, and you’ll also learn how to use these tools and my Transformational Embodiment coaching methodology to be your own best healer and coach.

Day three: REVEAL

To wrap it all up, we’ll revisit the Stream of Consciousness practice to reflect on the shifts you’ve made, and dive into a 2020 Mapping Session to re-envision what’s ahead.

This goes deeper than goal setting. You will connect with your future self to get crystal clear on what to express, create, and call into being this year. 

You’ll wrap The Reset totally ready for the next stage of your journey.


(Please note: You will get session recordings in case you can't make it, but the most powerful transformations happen when you're there live and it’s also your chance to get laser coaching with me.)


In case we haven’t met, I'm Natalie.

I’m the founder of The Embodiment Institute, and I've coached thousands of women entrepreneurs, creatives, healers, and leaders to discover and embody their purpose, power, and pleasure. I'm also an Emmy Award-winning media maven and the bestselling author of 5 books. I look forward to connecting with you.

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