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Natalie MacNeil

Order my new book

The Rituals

before November 22nd and get my momentum-building, life-changing Ritual Program FREE!

The Rituals

The Rituals features 36 practices to experience more joy, tap into your highest purpose, release overwhelm and stress, calm your mind, nourish your body and soul, deepen your relationships, and so much more.

Here’s what you’ll find inside

the bonus 30-day Ritual Program, yours FREE when you pre-order the book:

  • You’ll take a good look at exactly where you are in your life now, what your goals are, and plot a step-by-step path to get there by creating a Ritual and accompanying habits and routines that will put you on the fast track to exactly what you desire.
  • For 30 days, the course will be delivered via emails from me, and includes short action steps, audios, meditations, and worksheets some days, and encouragement love notes on others. You’ll discover the most powerful secrets to creating rituals that will awaken your aliveness, unleash your highest self, and architect your most intentional life and business.
  • There’s a ton of mindset and self-love training baked in too, so you can shift your thought patterns, stop putting so much pressure on yourself, and rock your Ritual journey!

(Want to know even more about this program you’ll be getting for free? Click here.)

The Ritual program is usually $197

but it’s yours FREE if you order before November 22nd

How to claim your access to the Ritual Program:


Order the book in a new browser tab via any bookseller, or go purchase a copy at your local bookstore.


Forward your receipt to


Fill out this form so we can follow up with your free access to my Rituals Program!


About the author

NATALIE MACNEIL is an Emmy Award–winning media entrepreneur listed on the Levo 100 as a transformer of her generation and featured by Inc. as one of 27 women leaders changing the world. Devoted to expanding human potential and inspir­ing people to live deeply meaningful lives, she has produced three interactive film experiences, writ­ten three bestselling books, and created the pop­ular website She Takes on the World, which was listed by Forbes as one of the “100 Best Websites for Women.” She has been featured in Elle, Glamour, People, TIME, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and more.

Ready to unlock practices that ground you, celebrate you, bring more mindful enjoyment to your day and create space for what’s to come?

The Rituals beckon.

Let’s play.

Order now & get the Ritual Program FREE

($197 value)

© copyright 2019 Natalie MacNeil

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