Discover 7 Rituals That Activate Your Potential for the New Decade

Natalie MacNeil presents

The Rituals 7-Day Virtual Retreat

Inside The Rituals Virtual Retreat, you’ll experience seven days of magic and medicine with some of the most extraordinary teachers I know so that we can consciously wrap up this decade together, and step powerfully into a new one.

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Welcome Session

You’re embarking on a life-changing journey. In this introductory video, I will:

  • Welcome you to your portal of transformation, and our Facebook group for the retreat
  • Help you set a powerful intention for our time together
Day one: Xiana Aiti Moirae

Join me and my dear friend and shamanic songstress Xiana for a powerful activation and sound healing. Xiana will help you:

  • Step into your authentic power and truth
  • Strengthen your voice and share the message on your heart
  • Cultivate a deeper sense of gratitude
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Day two: Aaron Alexander

You’ll leave this 35-minute experience with leading movement expert Aaron feeling energized and more at home in your body. Suitable for all levels of fitness, Aaron will:

  • Reveal the bad habit you're likely doing every single day that is effecting your creativity and wellbeing
  • Guide you to move in new, fun, and unconventional ways to awaken your aliveness, intuition, and connection with yourself and others
Day three: Layla Martin

Take twenty minutes to relish in pleasure breathwork and receive beautiful teachings from my BFF and world-renowned tantra teacher Layla. She will:

  • Create a safe-haven for your healing and your fullest expression
  • Support you in owning your sensuality and unlocking the wisdom and creativity and power in it

Side note: Layla and I credit sensual, pleasure practices as keys to having 7 figure businesses and abundance pouring into our lives! Don't miss this.

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Day four: Yossef Sagi

Get to know yourself and your partner in a deeper way through this powerful and potent 50-minute self-actualization practice with spiritual teacher and my life partner Yossef. He will:

  • Clarify the difference between masculine and feminine energy, and how to harness and harmonize these energies within you
  • Empower you to call upon the right energy at the right time for how you want to feel and what you want to create
  • Guide you through a heart opening practice you can do alone or with someone you love
Day Five: Alyssa Nobriga

My friend Alyssa is a master coach and therapist, and she joins me in day five of the retreat to:

  • Coach you (by coaching me) through your subconscious blocks to success
  • Show you how to surf any wave life sends your way
  • Make friends with your fears so they don’t hold you back

You’ll end this transformational process feeling empowered, inspired, and ready for anything.

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NM – The Ritulats Vit Retreat 7

Day six: Yossef and Natalie

Bask in my signature Stream of Gratitude ritual with me and my Love to:

  • Dwell in gratitude for the big and little things in life
  • Make you feel happy and give you a burst of energy
  • Manifest your deepest desires

Finish your final ritual bursting at the seams with renewed and revitalized pleasure, purpose, and power. 

Day seven:

Live Reflection & Clearing Ritual

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I invite you to join me and my special guests to wrap up this decade together in a powerful way.

Let these rituals activate the limitless potential within you in a supportive community of like-hearted people.

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