Your Sexuality as a Portal to Your Creativity and Power

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Sexual repression imprisons our creativity, limits our personal power, and creates shame overall around our sexuality. Shame is one of the most insidious feelings to hold in our bodies. Being in touch with that part of ourselves should feel so natural, but for many it is anything but.

When we shut down and shame our sexuality, and we shut it down for so many reasons —sexual trauma, religious doctrine, societal conditioning —we shut down a core part of our nature. Doing so kills our aliveness, our joy, and our connection to creation itself. Reclaiming our sexuality, on the other hand, opens us to these gifts and so much more.

This is what I’m diving deeper into the next podcast episode of Reveal with Natalie MacNeil.

This episode is extra special to me because I recorded it with my partner, professional coach and spiritual teacher Yossef Sagi. We get personal as we talk about our individual sexuality practices as well as our joint practices in our relationship.

I have to admit, I was pretty nervous as I was recording this episode. The topic of sexuality is a very personal part of my journey. It has included swimming in oceans of pain and doing deep healing work, especially after being sexually assaulted at a hotel spa early in 2019 and still processing that violation of my body. I still have days where I feel completely shut down, and I am so grateful that on those days I have tools, practices, a great therapist, and an amazing partner to support the process.

Before we dive into the episode, there’s one more thing I want to share: We’re all on our own journey. We all grew up with different conditioning, with varying styles of being educated about sex and our sexuality. We’re all in different places, and that’s totally okay. My invitation to you is to simply listen and see what gets stirred within you as we have this conversation. I’m here for you! DM me any time on Instagram @nataliemacneil.

You can check out this episode here.

Podcast highlights 

1:42 – How women (myself included) have been conditioned to present in a certain way when it comes to sex/sexuality 

5:25 – Looking at sex as a journey and not focussing on the destination (the orgasm!) 

12:23 – Exploring sexuality in a new partnership 

14:02 – How our childhoods shape the view we have of ourselves sexually as adults 

19:35 – My experience with a jade egg practice

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