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Does your to-do list seem unending?

Do you get overwhelmed trying to keep on top of everything your business demands of you?

Do you wish you could clone yourself?

As a fellow entrepreneur, I get it! And thanks to AI, I’ve cut the workload I had a year ago in half! I want to help you start reclaiming your time too, and get more done in fewer hours.

It starts with ethical AI prompting. That’s the key to unlocking AI's potential without compromising your values or losing that irreplaceable human touch in your business.

What's Inside The Prompt Playbook:


Ready-to-Use Prompts That Get Results:

From generating engaging content to creating an optimal schedule for effortless productivity, these are some of the prompts that have helped me reduce my workload by over 50% in the past year.


Tips and Tricks for Collaborating with AI:

Discover the best ways to prompt AI to get high-quality outputs and results you can actually use.


Inspiration to Unlock Your Creative Genius:

Blend expertly crafted prompts with your intuition for truly transformative AI collaboration!

Who This Guide is For

  • Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs: Harness AI to amplify your impact and grow your business
  • Coaches & Course Creators: Streamline content creation and free up time
  • Leaders: Stay ahead of the curve, using AI to solve problems and seize opportunities.
Hi, I’m Natalie MacNeil

A futurist, Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur, 5x bestselling author, and go-to coach for soul-centered leaders and entrepreneurs.

I’ve been named a “transformer of our generation” by Levo, described as “the ultimate self-starting businesswoman” by Elle Magazine, and featured on Inc's list of "27 Women Changing the World." The clients I am honored to serve have called me a “destiny doula” and “hope holder.”

Over the last decade, I've helped over a million people create extraordinary lives and businesses through my work. Now it’s YOUR turn to step into the future of business and unlock new levels of success.

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