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A new decade, a new paradigm

Created in 2016 by Natalie MacNeil, The Collective is a mastermind group of women entrepreneurs with multiple 6 and 7 figure revenue who hold impact as a core value of the companies we’ve built. We come together to support each other’s growth personally and professionally and use our businesses as vehicles for change and to leave the world better than we found it. 

The Collective contributes to creating change on a macro, systemic level, and we primarily do this through our partnership with Virgin Unite, the nonprofit arm of the Virgin brand and the Branson family foundation. 

As we dive into this new decade, we have an opportunity to be woven into the Virgin Unite tapestry and collectively bring about paradigm shifts that tilt the world.

Read on to learn more about the experience and becoming a member...

The 2020-2021 Experience

Our Necker Island Summit

May 24th – 28th, 2021
Optional: Scrub Island May 21st – 24th

It was our Necker Island Summit that started it all and brought The Collective together. May 24th  to 28th we will step into a place where anything is possible. While on the island, you will step into a whole new vision for your life and your business.


You will stay in a five-star room with one other Collective member (or your spouse if you purchased a spouse spot). During our meals together, we will connect more deeply and mindshare on our businesses and future plans while eating beautiful, healthy food. You also have the option of partaking in activities like sailing, surfing, and snorkeling. 

We will once again have a mastermind session with Richard Branson.

It’s hard to put the Necker Island experience into words. It will change your life. 

Before Necker, we will have an optional gathering as a group on nearby Scrub Island, giving us a chance to rest after long flights and connect with each other before going to Necker. Organized hot seats will take place on Scrub Island so that insights from your hot seat have space to expand heading into Necker. This also gives you the opportunity to get further feedback and have deeper discussions around what you’re working on while we’re together on Necker Island. I highly recommend you come to Scrub for a few days before Necker.

*Flights not included and hotel on Scrub Island is not included. Necker Island IS included in the full Collective experience.

Zoom Hot Seat Sessions

During our virtual hot seats running from June 2020 to June 2021, you have the opportunity to have a hot seat session with the group and contribute your expertise to your fellow Collective members. It is greatly appreciated that you show up to as many other hot seats as you can. Because of the size of our group, we have added a shorter second day/time for each of the hot seat sessions for 2020-2021 in case we need the extra time for everyone to receive the support they’d like. 


Strategic Planning Mastermind in Los Angeles

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December 3rd through 5th, 2020

In this in-person meetup, we will plan for 2021 together. Sit in the hot seat and experience the collective brilliance of the group as you get feedback on your biggest visions and goals.

*Flight and hotel not included.

The Mentoring Bridge

The Mentoring Bridge is an initiative of The Collective to support women who do not have the same access to opportunities we do, and guide them in building businesses that contribute significantly to breaking cycles of poverty and expanding the economic growth of the regions they live in. The Collective builds bridges with organizations doing great work like Enterprise Room in South Africa and the Branson Center in the Caribbean and provides mentoring that allows them to be tuned into their genius. We know it is not our place to be saviors nor solve problems not in our wheelhouse, but to mentor, resource, and empower those who are best equipped to tackle the problems we are all passionate about solving.


The Collective 2020-2021?

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And in case we don’t know each other, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Natalie MacNeil. I’m an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur and four-time bestselling author. My online business has generated millions in revenue, and through my company, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been poured into impact projects that are creating sustainable change. For the last few years, I’ve been secretly assembling a collective of powerful women that come together to both support each other’s growth and make a huge difference in the world. To learn more about what we’re up to and potentially be part of The Collective, fill out the form above and I’ll be in touch.