Your future self has a message for you.

Your future self has a message for you.


“A transformer of our generation.”

27 women leaders changing the world

“The ultimate self-starting businesswoman.”

100 Best Websites for Women

“A transformer of our generation.”

27 women leaders changing the world

“The ultimate self-starting businesswoman.”


the coaches, the healers, the teachers, the entrepreneurs, the transformers of the world.


Unabashed by our desires. Unafraid of the callings of our heart. Undaunted in our pursuit of a higher purpose.

We serve others as we seek; bravely sharing our truth, our journeys, and the work we are divinely called to do to raise consciousness and transform lives.

For as long as we can remember, we've carried a feeling we weren't made for this world — because we came here to usher in a new one.

Hello dear one, I’m Natalie

I'm an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur, and the bestselling author of four books. I have also coached thousands of people living on purpose and doing their soul’s work as entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, speakers, and teachers.

We see the entrepreneurial path as the ultimate form of embodied freedom, self-expression, and contribution. Everything I create, I create for people like us.


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Ready to create an extraordinary life for your future self? Want to build a wildly successful business around your soul’s work? Feel a little stuck where you’re at and need clarity on your next step? I’ve got you.

Explore my digital library, where you’ll find some of my favorite videos, interviews, and blog posts.



My award-winning products support you in experiencing more power, passion, presence, and purpose in your life and business. The perfect balance of doing and being.


Coaching + Strategy


That vision you’re holding for your future? I’ll guide you to create it now through one of my group or private coaching experiences.

Working with Natalie and her team has been an invaluable experience and opportunity to nurture my own professional growth. Our monthly recurring revenue has doubled, and overall sales have increased by more than 50%. There has been a significant shift in my mindset and confidence, and for the first time since starting my business I stepped wholeheartedly into the role of CEO.

Karla Fisher
CEO of Authentic Web Solutions

She gets it, she sees it, she breathes it into you. If you’re looking for someone who has the gift of going 50,000 feet then 5,000 feet, 50,000 feet then 5,000 feet, and then sideways, that’s Natalie. She can’t charge enough for what she is worth.

Olivet Jones
Executive Leadership & Equity Consultant

You inspire me. The women of the next generation who are doing incredible work, not just in their own businesses but in changing the world, is the most inspiring thing to me. There is something about your generation that is going to get it right, that balance between our personal lives and a purpose larger than our lives. It’s fantastic what you are doing.

Arianna Huffington, Founder of Thrive Global and HuffPo

For the first time in my life, I feel supported at every level from vision to strategic planning. So many of us have a vision to make the world a better place, and this is where it’s at.

Dr. Romie Mushtaq
Neurologist and Mindfulness Expert

We need more miracle workers in leadership positions, and I love the work Natalie is contributing to the world in service of others.

Gabby Bernstein
New York Times Bestselling Author of Super Attractor and May Cause Miracles

Working with Natalie has been an intersection of business, healing, showing up for self, and showing up for the world.

Erin Doppelt
CEO of Spiritual Intelligence

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