Activate your
full potential,

and lead the future

One-on-one mentorship + coaching

Do you…

Hear the whisper of your untapped potential…

but you’re not sure how to unlock it?

Have a big idea or project you want to bring to life and launch in your busines...

but it feels like one of the boldest (and scariest) things you’ve done so far?

Feel the magnetic pull of your destiny, and an extraordinary and prosperous future awaiting you…

but know you need to become a more confident and powerful leader to create it?

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That’s where I come in.

I help visionary leaders, entrepreneurs, and coaches…

  • Remember who they are and what they are here to do
  • Step more powerfully into their leadership
  • Grow a sustainable, prosperous business without the burnout
  • Create their most luminous future


The Mentorship

A unique one-on-one mentoring + coaching experience with award-winning business coach and mentor, Natalie MacNeil (hi, that’s me)

Through this highly personalized experience, you will:

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Unlock More of Your Personal Genius and Prosperity

Each one of us has a unique expression and frequency that is our personal genius. Together, we'll unlock more of your personal genius, allowing you to share your gifts, turn challenges into opportunities, and emerge as the architect of your destiny. Fully embracing and aligning with our personal genius also activates more of our prosperity, power, and potential. It can take us places we never imagined possible.

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Find Clarity and Focus

In the weave of your aspirations, we'll unravel the threads of your desires and light up the shadows that hold you back. Using ancient wisdom and modern insight, we’ll clarify the gifts that will be your guiding star, leading you through challenges toward your destined purpose.

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Become an Embodied Leader

Within the realm of leadership, you'll learn to shine with confidence and impact. I'll be your guide, teaching you the dance of effective communication, the art of building connections, and how to inspire others to join you on this transformative journey.

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Get Strategic Support to Bring Your Dream Future to Life

Together, we’ll not only navigate the evolving business landscape, but also strategically prepare for what’s coming. My visionary insights and entrepreneurial mentorship will empower you to embrace the future of your business, aligning it with who you want to be and the unfolding opportunities ahead.


The Mentorship Journey


Activate Your Personal Genius + Potential

Discover who you're here to BE, what you're here to LEARN, and what you're here to DO in the world.
you will:
  • Clarify and unlock your greatest gifts + personal genius
  • Discover the essences that you most want to embody in your journey forward
  • Uncover what you want to work on creating and the contribution you’re here to make

We’ll start our journey together with two 90-minute activation sessions:

Session 1: Gene Keys Session

The Gene Keys is a synthesis of various wisdom traditions, designed as a path towards your highest purpose and potential. I’m proud to be a Certified Guide of The Gene Keys system, created by Richard Rudd, which comprises 64 keys that represent a spectrum of consciousness, from a shadow (low frequency) to a gift (higher frequency) and ultimately to a "siddhi" (highest frequency and potential).

Each person has a unique set of keys in their personal chart, called a Hologenetic Profile, that helps you understand your challenges, leverage your gifts, and access your highest potential. The Gene Keys can really amplify our work together, which is why I love using it with clients.

In the session, I’ll be sharing more about who you’re here to be, what you’re here to learn, and what you’re here to do. You’ll get insights on your unique personal genius and gifts, your ideal ways of working, your ideal clients, your money blocks and what unlocks your prosperity, and more.

I’ll be giving you some reflection exercises and contemplations to dive into after this session before our next one.

NM - Month one
NM - Session 2_ Futuring Session
Session 2: Futuring Session

We’ll blend visualization techniques, hypnosis, futurism, and coaching so we can:

  • Explore potential future timelines for embodying your purpose
  • Envision the path forward and what you see yourself moving towards
  • Discern how those threads tie into your personal journey and the collective future that’s unfolding

You’ll have some necessary space after this session to let the vision crystallize, and receive more ideas and insights before we put it all into a strategic plan. Everything we do will be anchored into this foundational work we do on your unique personal during month 1.


Map Your Luminous Future

Next, we create an aligned and actionable 1-year strategic plan and also a quarterly plan for our time together based on the vision that emerged in Month 1.

You will:
  • Experience my signature Transformational Embodiment Technique™ to unlock your inner wisdom and funnel it into action
  • Utilize my unique ability to glimpse into the future so you can unveil the unseen and proactively prepare for business trends and themes to come
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You'll have:
  • A strategy for moving forward in business, wealth, leadership, embodiment, love, health, adventure and more—your map won’t look like anyone else’s!
  • The confidence in knowing your every next step so you never have to wonder where you’re headed, what goals you’re working on, and what you want to achieve
  • The tools to navigate your life and business with a strategy that aligns seamlessly with your vision and the future you wish to create
  • A customized compass that touches on ways of doing and being, because every great leader operates from a place of being first

Months 3-6

Embody Your Potential + Walk Your Highest Timeline

In this phase, you’ll receive two one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions with me each month to implement and embody the work we’ve been doing.

You will:
  • Begin to embody your unique personal genius and entrepreneurial insights in new ways through the intentions and discoveries made in your Activation
  • Become fully aligned with a clear future vision that is merged with who you’re here to be and the impact you want to make
  • Follow the ACTIVATION map to fully activate your prosperity, power, and future potential
NM - Month 3-6
You’ll get a personally-tailored combination of:
  • Coaching sessions that may blend visualization, hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, breathwork and more, so you can stand in your unique power and leadership
  • Mentoring sessions where you’ll have access to my conscious business and leadership strategies, my expertise as an entrepreneur and investor, and specific feedback on your business needs; it’s your time to ask me anything!

You have the flexibility to choose how you want to spend each session—alternate limitlessly between coaching or business mentoring as you please!

The Investment


*Payment plans available


“I just can’t believe business was allowed to be this easy...

and that there was a way that I could do things that truly represented who I was and what I wanted to be sharing in the way that I wanted to be sharing it… My launch was the biggest that I’ve ever done and I’m on my way for the next year to kick some amazing financial goals. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life and hands-down THE best decision I’ve made for my business.”

NM - Rebrand Testimonials_NICOLE WEHN

“When I came to Natalie for coaching, I had an awareness that the being who is doing the doing, and their mindset and consciousness, plays a big role in what they can achieve. I had success but I was hitting a ceiling and there was a next level that was calling me.

I knew Natalie was the coach that would help me step into my purpose, power, and legacy. And she did. Her body of work and guidance revealed deeper truths about myself and who I’m here to be that changed my life.

Natalie’s coaching has been the key to the next level of my success. I have become a magnetic and confident leader through the journey, and that has led to bigger opportunities, more aligned clients that now invest up to $60k to work with me, and most importantly, a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment than ever before."

— NICOLE WEHN, Transformational Business Strategist and Keynote Speaker
NM - Rebrand Testimonials_KARLA FISHER

“Working with Natalie has been an invaluable experience and opportunity to nurture my own professional growth. Our monthly recurring revenue has doubled, and overall sales have increased by more than 50%. There has been a significant shift in my mindset and confidence, and for the first time since starting my business I stepped wholeheartedly into embodying the role of CEO."

— KARLA FISHER, CEO of Authentic Web Solutions
NM - Rebrand Testimonials_DR. ROMIE MUSHTAQ

“For the first time in my life, I feel supported at every level from vision to strategic planning. So many of us have a vision to make the world a better place, and this is where it’s at.

— DR. ROMIE MUSHTAQ, Neurologist, Keynote Speaker, and Bestselling author of The Busy Brain Cure
NM - Rebrand Testimonials_OLIVET JONES

“She gets it, she sees it, she breathes it into you.
If you’re looking for someone who has the gift of going 50,000 feet then 5,000 feet, 50,000 feet then 5,000 feet, and then sideways, that’s Natalie. She can’t charge enough for what she is worth."

— OLIVET JONES, Executive Leadership Consultant to Fortune 500 companies
NM - Rebrand Testimonials_ANA LEBEAR

"It’s the best decision I’ve made in my life and my business. In the first month, she [gave me] a little advice that was so small and so easy for me to implement… that made it possible for me to pay for six months of her private coaching. And then one month later, another small idea that was easy to implement… generated over $30,000 for my business.

NM - Rebrand Testimonials_KAREN SAILER

“We all carry a big inner treasure, an old wisdom in us. But only a few of us come from the future… to take away the fear from us. And Natalie MacNeil is one of them.

— KAREN SAILER (FROM VIDEO), Modern Medicine Specialist
NM - Rebrand Testimonials_SUZANNE PERAZZINI

“With Natalie’s guidance, I wrote my book proposal… and was offered a book deal."

— SUZANNE PERAZZINI, Certified Nutritional Therapist

dare to dream bigger than you ever have before, and step into your most powerful timeline yet. your destiny is waiting.

Your next steps...

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Meet your guide,

Natalie MacNeil

Hi, I’m Natalie MacNeil.
I'm part coach, part strategist, part seer.

I’ve been named a “transformer of our generation” by levo, described as “the ultimate self-starting business woman” by elle magazine, and featured on inc's list of "27 women leaders changing the world."

The clients i am honored to serve have called me a “destiny doula” and “hope holder.”

Personally? I describe myself as an activator of human potential; a pioneer and leader in multiple industries i’ve devoted myself to; and a seer who can see (y)our luminous future and highest timelines.

I created one of the first blogs for women leaders and entrepreneurs when blogs were hardly a thing. I was one of the first users of Facebook and Twitter, which ended up leading to a myriad of opportunities—including a book deal.

I produced some of the world's first 360-degree VR-style films and documentaries, which added an Emmy to my mantle.

When other entrepreneurs and leaders started knocking on my door, wanting to know my secrets to success—I began coaching them. I discovered I had an innate ability to see beyond what they THOUGHT was holding them back, and reveal truths that would activate their higher potential.

This is the work that inspired me to become a highly trained coach—but not just in traditional coaching methods. I began a long journey of study and certification in a myriad of modalities that encompass a multidimensional mind, body, and spirit approach to unlocking potential.

Eventually, I brought all of my training and knowledge together to create my own coaching method and philosophy. My Transformational Embodiment Method™ is one I've refined through 15+ years of experience. It's the core of what we teach in our ICF-accredited certification at Coaching Evolved, the institute I founded in 2020.

But enough about me.

The reason I share all this with you is simply to let you know:

You’re in good hands.

Tapping into the future is part of my personal genius. At each step along my journey, I could see the future that was coming—and I actively worked on creating it. 

I’ve dedicated myself to innovating, playing, and experimenting as ways to forge my unique path ahead—and the paths of others. Which has led to a life of more success, meaning, wealth, and fulfillment than I ever dreamed of when I started out.

When you begin your mentoring and coaching journey with me, we’ll connect to YOUR unique frequency, signature, or soul of what you want to bring into the world.

And that’s when the magic will really begin.

So if you feel deep down you have something very important to contribute—and I believe you do—now is the time to make that contribution.

Whether you want to… 

  • Actualize a new business or offer
  • Step into your leadership genius
  • Integrate AI and new systems into your business to expand with ease
  • Write a book proposal + secure a book deal
  • Live a life of deeper connection, meaning, freedom, and prosperity
Now is the time to become who you are meant to be.

let's weave (y)our most luminous future into existence.


The Investment


*Payment plans available

more ways to work with me

transformational embodiment training + icf-accredited coach certification

with Coaching Evolved

Elevate your coaching skills, create a thriving business, and ignite professional and personal mastery inside a high-performing community of coaches with our unique multi-modality approach.

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The Collective Mastermind

for women leaders and entrepreneurs

An invite-only mastermind group of visionary women entrepreneurs with >$500k revenue come together for unique in-person and online experiences to support each other’s growth personally and professionally, and use our businesses as vehicles for change to make an impact in the world.

Looking for more credentials?