A Ritual For Daily Inspiration With Alexi Panos

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It’s such an exciting day for #MondayMotivation here in She Takes on the World Land, because joining me today is the one, the only Alexi Panos!

Alexi is one of my dear friends, and if you haven’t met her yet, she’s a modern day philosopher, writer, artist, humanitarian and all around badass nerd.


To date, she’s created thousands of hours of videos transforming big ideas around spirituality, personal development, and business into bite sized nuggets anyone can digest.

We met up for a walk in the sunshine to talk how she gets and stays inspired, guilty pleasures, how to move through your breakdowns that come up along the way.

Click to watch the video, where we riff on:

  • The surprising morning routine that gets her fired up and inspired to create content every single day
  • A “bad habit” she refuses to break
  • How she gets past moments when she’s not feeling quite productive or focused enough
  • Why her first attempts at video became “all about her” — and how she bounced back to a place of service.
  • How she ends every day. I loved this one.

And now, it’s time for your challenge to take on this week.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is:

Spend a few minutes every morning this week out in nature to get inspired.

Spend preferably half an hour or more, out in the sunshine, by the water, or by the trees depending where you live. Just get out from behind your desk, turn your music on, and take a stroll.

Don’t forget to have the Notes app ready on your phone, or bring a journal so you can write down any ideas you have (because you will have them.)

And remember: I’ll be playing right along with you.

Keep me updated here in the comments, or on Facebook or Instagram, and let’s swap notes!

Good luck — and have fun soaking up all that inspiration!

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