New Year Rituals to Step Powerfully Into This Next Decade

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“It’s only in looking back that we can connect all the dots. “ — Steve Jobs

One of the most beautiful ways you can transition into a new year is through ritual. Today, I’m sharing three of my favorite New Year Rituals with you to try out.

First, I take you through some of the highlights of my past decade by sharing parts of my journal with you. Journaling is a ritual that many great leaders and creators have had, and this is a perfect time to start a journaling practice if you don’t already have one.

Looking back on the wins we’ve already had gives us evidence of what’s possible moving forward, and reflecting on the lessons can help you mine the gold from your experiences. Here’s a look back at my last decade:

After looking back and reflecting, it’s time to create the future of your dreams. In the video below, you’ll discover two new year rituals I love that I know will bring more intention, presence, and joy as we move into this next decade:

You can find these transformative rituals and more in my latest book, The Rituals, available here.

Happy New Year, Dear One!


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