My New Book The Rituals is Out in the Wild

New Book The Rituals

I am so excited that my new book is here! 

You probably know I’ve written three bestselling books for entrepreneurs over the last five years. Well, a couple years ago, after the launch of my last book, I was pretty burnt out. I took some space to recover and return to the places and the practices that ground me, tap me into my aliveness, keep me connected and super inspired to create. 

During that healing process I received a download for the next book I was going to write: It was called The Rituals, and it would be a collection of the practices that are foundational in my life.

Today I’m celebrating that book being out in the world! When you buy a copy in the next 72 hours at you’ll also get my online course RITUAL ($197 value) as a free gift. The Rituals is an amazing gift to give for the upcoming holidays too!

Want to know more? Listen to this audio recording I made you where you’ll hear me read the introduction of the book.

One question I’ve been getting is whether I’m still working with entrepreneurs. Yes! I am totally committed to helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses around their soul’s work. The Rituals supports you in aligning your business to your deepest desires and contribution you’re here to make, and producing life-changing products and services from your state of being. Of course, the book itself is for more than just entrepreneurs. It’s for everyone, and it’s not just in bookstores either. You’ll find it in retail stores around the country as we head into the holidays!

That’s right, you’ll find your favorite denim and cozy sweaters AND Rituals in stores:

Writing The Rituals helped me to recover from burnout. It helped me to find my voice and that direction forward. It helped me tap into a deeper awareness and sense of presence. It helped me connect with my magic.

And my wish for you, receiving this book is that it also helps you connect with your unique magic and medicine. That it activates and awakens more of the remembrance of who you are and what you came here to do. That it moves you to take aligned actions to step into the life you so deeply deserve.

You are ready to take a profound journey into parts of yourself you maybe haven’t explored. And that journey begins here.

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