Your Guide to Future Self Letter Writing… Love, 2015 Natalie

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Last week, I stumbled across a very special envelope in my desk drawer.

It wasn’t just any envelope. It was well worn from travel, and addressed to me — in my own handwriting.

For two years, I convinced myself not to tear it open… but standing in my apartment in that moment, I finally felt ready.

It was a letter from Past Natalie to Future Natalie.

I’ve been writing myself letters like this since I was 9 years old. Every time I have a big dream, make a big decision, or see a big shift on the horizon that makes me nervous, excited, and terrified all at once, I put pen to paper, and paper it into an envelope. Then, I refuse to open the letter again until the dream, or decision, or shift has been realized.

(I use this practice at the beginning and end of every year, too. Each time, it serves to both cement where I want to go, and — eventually! — remind me of where I’ve been.)

This was a very special letter. It was a note I penned to myself back in December of 2015, when I had just received my green card and knew I’d be heading out to the U.S. soon.

I had written myself some inspirational notes and letters when I was getting ready to make my big move, and there was one final letter that was marked “to be opened once you’re on the other side.”

Many of you have been reading about my journey, and sharing stories of your own here on the blog and on social media, and now I finally feel like I’ve made it to the other side.

… So naturally, as soon as I found this, I had to hit “record” on my camera and post it for you.

Click below to watch the video, as I open the letter for the very first time.

Have you ever written “Future You” a letter? Do you want to?

Here’s a little guide for how to do it:

Start by picking a date sometime in the future – after a big move, big life change, or major shift will have occurred.

Write yourself a letter full of wishes, hopes, reflections and support for your future self.

Seal it up, tuck it away, and don’t revisit it until the time is right. The longer you wait, the juicier it will be… trust me. 🙂

Now, before I go, I’ll leave you with this little prayer from 2015 Natalie:

I pray that you continue to do things like write yourself letters and stay connected to where you came from. I pray that you keep listening to your intuition, even when the guidance you receive is scary.

I pray that you remain the vessel and an open channel. I pray you experience the deepest love, the most amazing grace, and other worldly adventures that keep taking you beyond any self imposed limit and definitely beyond your comfort zone.

I pray for time to ever expand for you. I pray you’ll always leave space for magic. I pray you’ll take on a bigger vision for this stage of life.

It’s said that unshakeable faith is faith that has been shaken. After all you’ve been through, your faith is surely unshakeable. Remember that as you decide where to go from here.

Dream even bigger dreams, and have faith that you’ll have everything that you need to make these dreams happen. You always have.

Here’s to so much more. I love you so so so so much,

December 2015 Natalie

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