Two Big Business Lessons From B-School Founder Marie Forleo

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I was talking to Marie Forleo about some of the unexpected lessons she has learned while taking her business from a side hustle she ran while working at a bar and as a choreographer, to the ever-blossoming empire it is today. She is a New York Times bestselling author, creator of the B-School program for modern entrepreneurs, and has been recognized by Oprah as a thought leader of our generation, 

Her biggest lessons have been some of mine too. Listen in:

Simplicity versus complexity. This is one I’m still learning! I have been the Queen of Complicated in the past instead of keeping it super simple. For example, offering a free 8 week course as a lead generating offer… *Face palm* Yes, I really did that and provided customer support on it too! My launches were complex, with a lot of options for people. My products and services included aaaall the things I know people need. Now I know it’s okay to guide people through one simple step at a time.

Like Marie shares in our conversation, every time her and her team have chosen the simpler option and minimized, it’s worked. Everything has worked out for the best and it’s been worthwhile in the long run.

The year ahead is a year of simplicity for me actually, and asking myself, “Is there a way this could be shared/offered/implemented in a more simple way?” I invite you to take that question into your own business.

I love talking to successful people like Marie about their biggest lessons, and many of those lessons are hard-won by making some pretty big mistakes. What I’ve learned from the lessons and mistakes of others help me stay on top of my game and create huge opportunities.

Marie has been in business for 20 years, has interviewed the most influential leaders in business, and she has worked with over 40,000 entrepreneurs through B-School so if there’s anyone who has a front row seat to the big mistakes you should avoid, it’s her.

And for even more lessons from Marie Forleo, she has a free video training series available right now that you don’t want to miss. Watch here. The training is only available once a year, and I watch it again every February!

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