A New Paradigm of Personal Development

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For millennia, Masculine archetypes have been in power. 

In relationships, in business, in entertainment, in government, in just about every institution and industry in our society, including in the personal development industry we are part of, there it is.

Not only have these industries, structures, and institutions been led by men, the methodologies themselves have been masculine in nature, relying on set rules, firm structure, mindset and clear direction. 

There is a seismic shift underway though. Can you feel it? The Feminine is rising to usher in a new paradigm.

To me, this new paradigm is a balancing of the Masculine and Feminine, not an overtaking of the Masculine by the Feminine. This shift will slowly occur in every institution and industry, including in personal development. And my newest venture, The Embodiment Coaching Institute, aims to be a trailblazer in this new paradigm of personal development.

Today’s podcast episode is all about this new paradigm of personal development, how it serves you, and the part you and your business can play in creating a new world.

Podcast highlights 

0:40 – What is Masculine energy and what does it do for you?

1:00 – What is Feminine energy and what does it do for you? 

4:01 – How you can combine both the Masculine and Feminine in yourself and in your business and relationships to create balance

8:27 – The path of embodying what you most desire to create in your life

19:33 – The role of men and the Masculine in the new paradigm 

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