How To Find Your Magic & Medicine

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I believe that we all have a purpose within us that we’re here to express and share in the world. I like to call it our Magic & Medicine. 

It’s an invisible package of unique gifts and an individual expression that is imprinted on our souls. It’s what we’re here to share with the collective, no one else can duplicate it, and it’s what this week’s episode of the Reveal podcast is all about.

In this episode I’m interviewed by my love Yossef Sagi. We do a deep dive into what “Magic & Medicine” is and how you can find your own.

Podcast highlights

2:35 – Find YOUR Magic & Medicine and share that glory with the world 

3:46 – What you do in this life, do it on purpose. Make it your ministry 

5:18 – How letting go of million dollar revenue streams was the smartest move I’ve ever made

8.08 – The importance of adding what you have to the collective cauldron 

9.30 – How it’s a disservice to yourself and the universe to not discover and share your Magic & Medicine

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