My Productivity-Boosting Ritual to Complete Your Soul Goals

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You’ve got something amazing simmering inside you, am I right? It’s a best-selling novel, it’s an amazing course that’s going to change the lives of hundreds of people, it’s a movie script that’s Oscar-worthy.

The problem is that it feels like you never have enough time to dedicate to getting it done. 

You DO have the time though. Trust me. I wrote two manuscripts last year, launched a new brand and program, and I still had time to live my life and travel the world for four months. 

How did I do it?

With my favorite productivity-boosting ritual from my book The Rituals, Priority Power Hour. It’s a strong and very effective ritual designed to help you focus on the priorities and tasks that align with your soul’s work. 

The reason you may not be creating all you’d like is because you are letting what is urgent in the short-term get in the way of what is truly important to you and to the impact you’re here to make long-term.

In today’s video I’m going to share my Priority Power Hour ritual (which actually takes only 50 minutes – so I just saved you 10 minutes right there, ha!).

I’ll teach you about when to do it, how to do it, and specifically what not to do during your power hour. I’ll also reveal to you the type of music that’s the secret sauce that will lubricate your creative flow.

Here are some key points in the video… 

  • Separating To Do List and Priority List [0.15]
  • The Priority List – 3 x things per day [0.38]
  • What will matter to you a year from now? [0.47]
  • Fun fact: I wrote my book in Priority Power Hour [1.05]
  • Inspired by The Pomodoro Technique [1.40]
  • Set a timer for 50 mins and smash through your number 1 priority [1.49]
  • Priorities must get done in the first part of your day [2.00]
  • Turn off ALL distractions [2.08]
  • My SUPER weird mega tip for staying focused – it has to do with music! [3.04]

I hope this video serves you. The world is your oyster, dear one. Look deep inside your heart. It will tell you what you need to focus on next.

You can find the Priority Power Hour and many other rituals in my latest book, The Rituals, available here.

Have a productive day!


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