Radical Self Love: Gaining Wisdom To Help You Conquer With Latham Thomas

Radical Self Love Gaining Wisdom To Help You Conquer With Latham Thomas

There’s a secret ingredient to the “special sauce” of building a business that so many of us tend to overlook as we hustle our way to success, but without it we risk never reaching our business goals and, even worse, losing touch with ourselves in the process. What is it?

Radical self love.

Self love. It’s sumptuous, simple to put into practice, and shores up your feel-good reserves so you can power through those tough situations. (Click to tweet) And in this week’s Conquer Summit interview, fitness and lifestyle expert Latham Thomas is going to share her advice on practicing a whole lotta self loving as you build your beautiful business.

Latham knows a thing or two about radical self care. She’s a maternity lifestyle maven, wellness and birth coach, and author/founder of Mama Glow, a book and website transforming the maternal wellness movement.

Ready for some radical self love? Join me for this week’s video:

This week’s actionable:

Latham shared with me that one of the best pieces of advice she ever received was, “You can’t break through a glass ceiling without getting cut.” (Click to tweet) It’s all about the price we often pay for success, and that’s why we talked about the importance of becoming comfortable with fear, how to listen to our intuition, and how to give ourselves some much-needed TLC. Your actionable this week is to try Latham’s practice for creating a “Glow Circle” — this really is the key to putting all this self love into action. Try it out, and let me know in a comment below who’s in your Glow Circle and what you’re doing to get your glow on! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

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