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Embark on a journey of wild self discovery with Natalie MacNeil, an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur, bestselling author, and founder of The Embodiment Institute™.

Many people spend a lifetime searching for the secret to creating the life, business or career, and relationships they desire, without realizing they hold all the answers deep within. This podcast lifts the veils of shame, fear and conditioning, and guides you to that well of wisdom within. From that place and through these episodes of Reveal, you’ll discover how to tap into your potential, express the fullness of who you are, deepen your relationships, find your focus, awaken your aliveness, attune your intuition, and live your highest purpose. Let’s dive in and see what’s waiting to be revealed.

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My not-so-typical planning approach for a harmonious 2021
I don’t know about you, but I had some –– and by some, I mean the vast majority! –– of ...
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“2020 is going to be a year of travel and epic growth and adventure for Yossef and I.” → Something ...
Dear 2020, You & I need to have a little chat…
If 2020 was a person, what would you want to say to it… from deep within your heart?Let that question ...
A New Paradigm of Personal Development
For millennia, Masculine archetypes have been in power.  In relationships, in business, in entertainment, in government, in just about every ...
How To Find Your Magic & Medicine
I believe that we all have a purpose within us that we’re here to express and share in the world. ...
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